Do you want to feel how miracle happens?
We created an exciting experience just for you.

A beautiful suits complex planted in the heart of a peace and quiet place, against the hypnotic view of the KINNERET, Sea of ​​Galilee, and the Jordan highlands.
The Complex
The complex includes peaceful sitting areas, gazebo, tanning porch, wide Courtyard with fruit and ornamental trees, manicured lawn, flower beds and herbs, dry sauna, four special suits and treatment rooms. 
The Suits
All suits designed carefully with full attention for every detail to give you the ultimate experience so you feel Warm and cozy.
You`ll enjoy from a selection of great treats such as king size bed, a sophisticated surround system with LCD screen and DVD, Jacuzzi, a fancy espresso machine, microwave and electric kettle.

In Addition, in the suits you`ll find fresh flowers, aromatic candles, spa accessories as high quality bath salts and plenty of bath products: soaps velvet, shampoo, conditioner and other care.

· Two suits share a dry sauna which serves all guests on four suits.
· Two suits have panoramic roof terrace overlooking the stunning Sea of ​​Galilee, Jordan and the Golan basalt space.

Our Treats
A full `TENE` (Basket) with Wine, soft drinks, mineral water, fresh milk, ice creams, chocolates, fresh fruits, Dried fruits, homemade pastries, tea & coffe and more.

Our TENE includes a remarkable amazing breakfast by homemade products and includes fresh juice, coffee or tea, eggs of your choice or "shakshuka", rich Israeli salad, a range of cheeses (both hard and soft), freshly baked bread and scones, olives, jam and butter, different salads, other baked products and Moseley.
On Saturday we serves, in addition, "Jachnun" and baked Eggplant with Tahini or Yogurt.
Special for children: Cereal. Shoko and Dairy products.
** breakfast included in price **

Other Services
· You`ll get a free entrance to Had Ness swimming pool (in the season).
· You can order other services such as SPA treatments (different kind of massages and reflexology), pedicure and manicure, holistic treatments such as Reiki and calling cards, an intimate massage workshop and etc.
this service with extra payment in advanced.

We`ll be happy to assist you and recommend about many varied attractions such as the fascinating nature trails, magical trips, kayak trips, the Segway attraction and etc.

We host families and couples all ages.
Smoking and animals are not allowed in the suits.

For further info & reservations, please Contact us:
Phone: +972-4-697-0027 or +972-4-50-539-1919

Email: tenebagolan@gmail.com

We grant a loving service from our hearts.
Hope to pamper & spoil you too
Zipi & Mickey
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